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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Significant Health Issue in US Both Military and Civilian.
No FDA nor DOD approved therapeutics.
NIH grant award for $3.2MM to develop MP-201.
Cofunded BrightFocus/MTEC Grant for MP-201 IND enabling $500,000.
TBI causes impaired mitochondrial respiration (low oxygen consumption) and high ROS production, calcium overload.
TBI Model: cortical impact.
Treatment: 80 mg/kg MP201 (Mice) 2-hours post injury for 2 weeks.
Our Data Shows:
Increased cortical sparing (p <0.01; 38% lesion spared).
Improved cognitive outcome (p<0.05).

MP201 Significantly Protects Cortex From Blunt Trauma.

Hubbard, W.B., et al., Mitochondrial uncoupling prodrug improves tissue sparing, cognitive outcome, and mitochondrial bioenergetics after traumatic brain injury in male mice. J Neurosci Res, 2018.

MP201 Leads To Cognitive Improvement Post TBI